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Dance Photography
Dance Photographer in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Are you a proud parent of a passionate dancer in Brisbane?

As an experienced and highly skilled dance photographer, I specialize in capturing unique and personalized images that showcase your child's individual skills and body type. With my work featured in numerous international magazines, I have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for clients seeking stunning dance photography.

Whether your child is an experienced dancer or a beginner in acro or gymnastics, I am equipped to deliver high-quality, professional dance photography services.


My emphasis on excellent technique, beautiful lines, and creative composition draws from my background as a yoga instructor and my innate ability to capture the perfect moment.

My dance photo sessions are fun, informal, and designed to help your child express themselves comfortably, whether they prefer a "less is more" or "more is more" approach. Together, we will create elegant and timeless images of the highest quality, suitable for displaying as artwork on your walls, submitting to magazines worldwide (if desired), or incorporating into your captivating social media content that wows your audience.

I offer both indoor and outdoor photography options, with my welcoming home studio in Springfield and top five epic dance photography locations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast available to choose from. Whether you are seeking a stunning professional dance portfolio or breathtaking individual dance photos, I am committed to exceeding your expectations as a dance photographer.

And of course, as a dedicated dance photographer, I go beyond capturing individual moments. For dance studios, I offer a specialized service—photographing stage dance performances. Bringing theatrical magic to each frame, I focus on preserving the dynamic movements and expressions unique to live performances.  

To schedule a session or learn more about my dance photography services, visit my home page or send a text to 0437246917. Let's work together to capture the beauty and artistry of your child's dance performances through exceptional dance photography.

You can also head to my FAQ page for more information about my dance photography service

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