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My Top 5 Photography Locations in Brisbane and Gold Coast for Dance Photos

Are you looking for the perfect spot to take stunning dance photos in Brisbane or Gold Coast? Look no further! I have compiled a list of the top 5 photography locations for dance photography in Brisbane and Gold Coast, so that you can capture some beautiful memories. From the iconic Shorncliff Pier to the University of Queensland and the City Botanical Gardens, there are plenty of options to choose from. For those looking for something more adventurous, The Spit and Bond University also offer great backdrops for your dance photos.

1) Shorncliff Pier

Located in the suburb of Shorncliffe, Australia, Shorncliff Pier is a popular destination for dancers to capture stunning ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and street dance images. Featuring white faded timber railings and colonial street lamps, the pier is also equipped with a resting shelter which provides an excellent backdrop for any dance photo shoot.

2) University Of Queensland

The University of Queensland is one of the top photography locations in Brisbane for dance photos. With its stunning architecture, lush green gardens, and picturesque backdrop, it provides the perfect setting to capture the art of dance. Whether you're looking to take ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, or street dance photos, UQ has the right atmosphere to make your shoot come alive. The university grounds have plenty of great places to get creative with, and many of the building's interior and exterior walls offer great opportunities to capture stunning shots.

3) The City Botanical Gardens

Located in the heart of Brisbane, The City Botanical Gardens are an ideal place for capturing dance photos. Paid parking is available as well as disabled access. During peak times, the gardens can be busy but there is always plenty of space for photography.

The gardens offer a wide range of photographic options including tree-lined pathways, tranquil water scenes, beautiful flowers and open grassed spaces. This makes the gardens a great and versatile location for capturing images.

Whether you’re taking hip hop, jazz or street dance photos, The City Botanical Gardens has something to offer everyone. With its flexibility and range of scenery, it’s the perfect place to capture your memories.

4) The Spit

The Gold Coast Spit is a stunning location for dance photography, located at the end of Main Beach and just 10 minutes north of Surfers Paradise. It offers beautiful views of the Gold Coast skyline and makes for an idyllic backdrop for dance photos.

The parking lot at the Spit is large and convenient, as well as there being a pathway from the carpark down to the beach. Toilet and shower facilities are available on-site, as well as rubbish bins.

The Spit is a great place to do dance photos with your dance buddy or just by yourself!

5) Bond University

Bond University is a private university located in Robina, a suburb in the City of Gold Coast, Queensland.

Bond University is an ideal location to take dance photos with its picturesque grounds, especially for ballet dance photography. The beautiful landscaping of the university provides a great backdrop for dance photography that will showcase your dance talents and make your photos look stunning.

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