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My First Published Photography Project

Updated: May 21, 2022

I was often thinking, what unique things I could bring to the industry as a photographer, I guess my biggest advantages are my Chinese background and my understanding of both the western and Asian culture.

Today I would like to share with you my experience on shooting for this "Traditional Chinese Girl looks" project which is published in Teen Cruze February 2022 Issue. The model is my daughter, Jocelyn Baker.

How did I prepare for this editorial?

I was inspired by a Chinese Movie Star Zhangziyi's character, from the Chinese movie, Hero. I ordered the costume and sword from E-bay and did Jocelyn's make-up by myself. The best location for the shoot would be in a desert, but as we are living in Brisbane, we used a beach instead. The results are as amazing, with the Shallow depth of field achieved, the background does look like a desert anyway.

I needed Jocelyn to look cold and distant as a Sword Girl, but she couldn't help herself to laugh all the time. I had to tell her to pretend that there was a man who killed your father standing right in front of you, and she got the correct emotions straight away.

Chinese artists often like to leave blank in their artworks, allowing the audience to maximize their imagination. I was inspired by their way of thinking when creating the picture below and of course there are still a lot to learn, to feel and to try…..It’s a long journey and I am glad you are here, my friend.

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